Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just wanted to say a BIG GIANT THANK YOU to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday, and going along with my moms little plan . I LOVED it. To my mother.. THANK YOU for being my cooky granola mother that makes me laugh on a daily basis and keeps me sane and Thank You for that wonderful surprise!
I love you MOM! and Thanks again everyone!
Amber ~

Monday, January 5, 2009

***Happy Birthday*** Amber!!!

Hello Blogging Buddy's!!!

I am one of the authorized authors-Lol, of this blog. Sooo as Amber's MoM I thought it would be a ton of fun to do this post!
And boy am I giggling right now!
Today January 6th is my lovely daughter's
25th birthday!
I was going to post a bunch of really cute photo's but I know she might strangle her old mom if I did-so this one is her favorite photo of her and I.
We were both in one of my best friend's weddings, Amber was two.
(I would never have choosen to wear those fake flowers in my hair!)

Amber, it is hard to imagine it has really been that long! My gosh I just blinked my eyes and suddenly you were a grown up beautiful woman!

It has truly been a JOY and an Honor to be your Mom and the Grammy of our precious Emily Jean, Amber~ I love you beyond measure!
I so treasure the close mother~daughter friendship we share!
I am very thankful for the wonderful blessing Heavenly Father gave to Me and Your DaD 25 years ago!
PPsssttt... You are now only 5 years away from 30-YIKES~LoL!
I hope this birthday brings you all the Happiness, Wishes and Dreams your cute girl heart desires! Thank You for choosing me to be your Mom!

***BiNkErS! ***

I Love You~MoM!
& DaD 2!
& Emily Jean
(The Monkey Bean)
& Cotye
& Jared!
GoTTchYa huh! LoL! I LoVe It!

Buddy The Aussie Dog

Buddy The Aussie Dog